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President says he'd risk a government shutdown for the border wall. Bad idea, House speaker says

Speaker Paul Ryan Wednesday rejected a threat by President Donald Trump to shut down the government to force Congress to approve funding for a border wall with Mexico.

Hear what Paul Ryan said

House Speaker Paul Ryan rejected a threat by President Donald Trump to shut down the government to force Congress to approve funding for a border wall with Mexico at a news conference in Oregon.

Angry speech hid a rebuke of Trump's staff

When President Donald Trump's aides said he wouldn't discuss a pardon of controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he did it anyway. When they warned him against lashing Arizona's Republican senators by name, he made snide allusions to them instead. And when they insisted his statements about white supremacist violence required a re-do, he declared he was right the first time. 

Trump sticks to script hours after going off the rails

Hours after his irate campaign rally in Phoenix, President Donald Trump on Wednesday called for national healing.

Opinion: A president at war with himself

Bill Clinton could be both Bubba on the front porch and the pastor who bound the nation's wounds after the Oklahoma City bombing. George W. Bush was able to gently declare Islam a religion of peace after the 9/11 terror attacks and, on the eve of war with Iraq, say: "We've got the force necessary to deal with the security situation."

'Total eclipse of the facts': Lemon reacts to speech

CNN anchor Don Lemon responded with shock to President Donald Trump's defiant speech at a rally in Phoenix Tuesday night.

North Korea mocks Trump's 'weird' tweets

North Korea had more harsh words for the US on Wednesday, strongly condemning US-South Korean joint military exercises and criticizing President Donald Trump's "weird" and "ego-driven" social media posts just hours after Trump claimed the rogue nation's leader is "starting to respect us."

Trump-McConnell feud simmers as GOP shudders

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell aren't exactly kissing and making up.

Top Trump aide's email draws new scrutiny in Russia inquiry

Congressional investigators have unearthed an email from a top Trump aide that referenced a previously unreported effort to arrange a meeting last year between Trump campaign officials and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

Resigning science adviser leaves a not-so-subtle message

A University of California-Berkeley energy professor resigned Wednesday from his position as a State Department science envoy, blasting President Donald Trump for recent comments on white supremacist violence in Charlottesville.

Confederate sub mystery solved?

The dead submarine crew hadn't moved from their stations for nearly 150 years when the vessel was raised from the ocean in 2000. Whatever killed them happened so suddenly that they never made a run for the escape hatch. What's more, they had no obvious physical injuries.

Dad sentenced in death of son, 5

A California man who had pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of his 5-year-old son was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years to life.

Story behind 'Blacks for Trump' man

A man who calls himself "Michael the Black Man" has garnered attention after holding a sign that reads "Blacks for Trump" directly behind President Trump at multiple rallies.

When facing arrest seems better than living in US

Jean-Enice Frederic is looking to get arrested.

Clapper questions Trump's ability

James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, said Wednesday morning he questioned President Donald Trump's fitness for office.

Trump voter: Charlottesville a setup

A group of Trump voters from Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Alabama and Georgia give their take on who is to blame for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

KKK leader calls reporter the N-word

In an interview, Ku Klux Klan leader Chris Barker threatens Univision reporter Ilia Calderón.

Opinion: Why ESPN and Robert Lee are right

In the testosterone-laced world of sports, sometimes your name means everything. Think not? I've seen men beaten by mobs just for having the gall to scream out "let's go Cowboys" at an Eagles game. Think of all the racial epithets we've heard, of how one football player, Colin Kaepernick, silently taking a knee during the national anthem in personal protest of injustice in America has divided the nation.

Clinton: My 'skin crawled' when Trump stood behind me

In her upcoming memoir, Hillary Clinton expresses regret and explains what she wishes she could go back and do differently during her failed 2016 campaign, according to excerpts released Wednesday morning.

MTV trying to bring transgender military members to VMAs

MTV has reached out to the military in an effort to bring active duty transgender military service members to Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, a US defense official told CNN.

Mayweather, McGregor trade insults one last time

Mel B walks off 'America's Got Talent'

When it comes to being a comedian, Melanie "Mel B" Brown thinks Simon Cowell is all wet.

Why Cavs won 'no-brainer' Kyrie trade

Prince Harry: They took photos as Diana died

Prince Harry and Prince William talk openly about Princess Diana's death in a new BBC documentary marking the 20th anniversary of her death.

R. Kelly denies underage relationship

A 24-year-old woman is alleging she had a sexual relationship with singer R. Kelly when she was a teen.

Biggest NFL names who could be cut

Taylor Swift announces new album

After days of dropping a series of slithering clues, the Taylor Swift surprise machine has struck again.

17-year-old QB's death: What everyone missed

Cuomo, panelist clash over Trump speech

CNN's Chris Cuomo spars with panelist Paris Dennard over President Trump's comments saying there were "good people" who marched with white supremacists in Charlottesville.

Why there's no statue for this general

So where are Longstreet's statues?

New Confederate monuments are going up

Since 2007, John Culpepper had been anticipating this moment: the unveiling of a statue to the common Confederate soldier in his hometown of Chickamauga, Georgia. In November of last year, three days before Donald Trump won the presidency, it became a reality.

Charlottesville covers Robert E. Lee statue

(Breaking news update, posted at 1:47 p.m.)

Confederate statues on display at US Capitol

A dozen statues commemorating Confederate figures line the halls of Congress.

Here are the memorials that will be removed

More than 150 years after the Civil War ended, the Confederacy is memorialized with statues, monuments and historical markers across the United States.

The place where it rains diamonds

Can you imagine how beautiful it might be to witness snow falling on the rust-colored surface of Mars or a steady rain of glittering diamonds on blue Neptune?

What a shot! 24 amazing sports photos

Take a look at 24 amazing sports photos from August 15 through August 21.

When you ask an artist to design a garden

From Michelangelo's Renaissance-era scenes from Eden to Monet's 19th century landscapes, the garden has been a focal point to centuries of art movements.

Child steals the show during live interview

Lucy Wronka was on ITV News with her children George and Iris to talk about their milk allergies with anchor Alastair Stewart. But, daughter Iris had other plans for the interview.

Uber has gone 64 days without a CEO

Uber's new CEO can't arrive soon enough.

SpaceX just teased a chic new spacesuit

Keeping former convicts out of jail paid off

Funding a program to keep former convicts out of jail has paid off for one group of investors.

Should you break up with your bank?

My Instagram beef with Linton: #Deplorable

My friends and family will tell you that I have a big heart and am very caring, but that I'm also snarky and unafraid to call things like I see them. I did that to Louise Linton on Instagram the other day, referring to her post about her designer labels as "deplorable."

This bill could turn your city into the Wild West

Jared Kushner won't find his job in Israel easy

President Donald Trump's son-in-law and close adviser Jared Kushner will touch down later Wednesday in Israel, along with a senior delegation, for the purpose of trying to renew the all but defunct Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Could Charlottesville open a door for Russia?

President Donald Trump's failed response following the violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, by Nazis and the KKK was not only unpresidential, it also highlighted again the problem of Russia.

Psaki: Trump's unhinged rant

Linton's clueless post has a dark side

It's tough out there for a socialite. Especially when money can't buy you good sense.

2017 mortgage rates now at 3.04% APR (15 yr.)

5 ways to prevent psoriasis flare-ups


Dutch gig cancelled over terror tip-off

A Spanish van carrying gas canisters is found, after the concert is called off following an alert.

Venezuela ex-prosecutor: I have proof of Maduro corruption

The sacked prosecutor who fled Venezuela says she has evidence of the president's alleged corruption.

Donald Trump softens tone to urge 'a new unity'

The US president's conciliatory message contrasts sharply with his raucous rally the night before.

Clinton: 'Skin crawled' in Trump debate

Hillary Clinton says she wishes she had told Donald Trump "back up, you creep" during their debate.

Witnessing Yemen's desperate suffering

Nawal al-Maghafi meets Yemenis struggling to survive severe food and medical shortages caused by war.

Why Sardinia's tourists taking sand as souvenir face fine

Famed for its pristine beaches, the Mediterranean island hits back at tourists pinching its sand.

Canadian town refuses to remove swastikas from park

The mayor says the swastikas are part of local history, as the anchor was found by divers.

'Alarmingly high' levels of arsenic in Pakistan's ground water

Up to 60 million Pakistanis are at risk from the deadly chemical, according to a new water analysis.

Mosaic from 1,500 years ago discovered in Jerusalem

The well-preserved find is believed to be from the floor of a hostel for the city's religious pilgrims.

Kim Wall: Headless body identified as missing journalist

Police match Kim Wall's DNA, 13 days after she disappeared on a submarine with a Danish inventor.

Thailand charges dropped against BBC reporter

Jonathan Head faced up to five years in jail if he had been convicted of criminal defamation.

Trump hat judge says stunt was an 'ill-considered' joke

Ontario court justice Bernd Zabel is facing a disciplinary panel for wearing a Trump hat in court.

Rescued piglets served up as sausages to firefighters

Farmer Rachel Rivers says thank you with sausages but firefighters later apologise

Taylor Swift announces new album, called Reputation

Exactly three years after Taylor Swift released her fifth studio album 1989 - she's back.

Chile's Atacama desert: World's driest place in bloom after surprise rain

Flowers are blooming in the Atacama desert in northern Chile after unusual rainfall in the region.

One came to applaud Trump, the other to boo

The country remains divided and the president's rally in Phoenix showed the chasm.

Kirill Serebrennikov: Russian protesters demand director's release

Protesters in Russia believe the charges against director Kirill Serebrennikov are political.

Nigeria's Egungun festival: Colour, culture and community

Egungun - the festival where "spirits" come to life.

Should Salzburg name street after Maria von Trapp?

Should a street in the Austrian town of Salzburg be named after The Sound of Music's Maria von Trapp?

The man who wants to sell rhino horns

Rhino breeder John Hume says open trade is the only way to raise funds for the species and stop poaching.

Has Harry Potter cursed these owls?

Conservationists say owls are taken as babies from their nests, then sold to Harry Potter enthusiasts.

How Niger is trying to slow the world's highest birth rate

Women in Niger have an average of more than seven children each - the highest birth rate in the world.

Brooklyn's Photoville festival

Brooklyn's Photoville festival features more than 75 exhibitions. Here is a selection of images in the exhibition.

Ferguson reflects on US race relations

Three years after Michael Brown's death, Ferguson residents say the events in Charlottesville didn't surprise them.

Sierra Leone mudslide: 'I lost everything'

Five survivors of Sierra Leone mudslide give harrowing accounts of their loss and how they escaped death.

'Exceptional? journalist Kim Wall remembered

Kim Wall's family and friends don't want her death to overshadow her powerful and prolific work.

'You can't catch me': The jailbreaker taunting police

Shaun Davidson tunnelled out of a Bali prison in June and remains on the run, taunting police.

What price would you put on a passport?

Amar Al-Sadi and her family escaped war-torn Yemen and are among thousands who have bought Maltese passports.

The Bollywood blockbuster being filmed in Yorkshire

More Indian films are shooting in the UK - including one starring Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar.

Reality Check: What is the European Court of Justice?

The European Court of Justice is expected to loom large in UK-EU talks. But why is it so important?

How stone poses became a surreal project

What started as a whim seven years ago has become a major project for a London-based photographer.

Pet acupuncture: Would you try this alternative treatment?

Thousands of vets now use the controversial method, which advocates say can aid chronic ailments.

Liverpool 4-2 1899 Hoffenheim (agg 6-3)

Liverpool produce a stunning attacking display against Hoffenheim to ensure a record five English sides will compete in the Champions League group stage.

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor: UFC champion wants to continue in MMA and boxing

Conor McGregor wants to continue both a mixed martial arts and boxing career after Saturday's super bout with Floyd Mayweather.

Davinson Sanchez: Tottenham complete signing of Ajax defender on six-year deal

Tottenham complete the signing of centre-back Davinson Sanchez from Ajax for a reported club record £42m deal.

Wayne Rooney international retirement: How will history judge his England career?

Wayne Rooney has retired from England duty after 53 goals in 119 games, but how will history judge his international career?

Belgian Grand Prix: Why F1's title battle is perfectly poised

Thanks to the varying strengths and weaknesses of Ferrari and Mercedes, we could be in for a thrilling second half to the season.

Vuelta a Espana: Chris Froome extends lead as Alexey Lutsenko wins

Britain's Chris Froome extends his Vuelta a Espana lead behind Alexey Lutsenko's breakaway stage-five win in Alcossebre.

Newcastle United 2-3 Nottingham Forest (AET)

Nottingham Forest score in extra time to hand Newcastle a third consecutive defeat in a thrilling EFL Cup tie at St James' Park.


Typhoon batters Hong Kong and south China, three dead in Macau

North Korea presses rocket program, but amid signs of drama easing

Barcelona balances security and freedom after deadly attacks

Egypt's Sisi meets Kushner after U.S. holds back aid

Air strikes near Houthi checkpoint kill at least 35 in Yemen

Venezuela ex-prosecutor says she has evidence of Maduro corruption

Cambodia orders U.S.-funded group to leave in new anti-American move

Mali governor returns to northern state as part of ceasefire

Rotterdam mayor says bus with gas bottles found outside canceled concert

Firefighters battle blaze at store in east London


Trump Widens Rift With Congress as Critical Showdowns Loom - New York Times

Different Day, Different Audience, and a Completely Different Trump - New York Times

Harvey Could Be First Hurricane to Strike Texas Since 2008 - Bloomberg

Cramer's lucky 7 rules for the winner of the $700 million Powerball jackpot - CNBC

Charlottesville covers Confederate statues with black shrouds - Fox News

Trump's science envoy quits in scathing letter with an embedded message: IMPEACH - Washington Post

T-Mobile customers: Don't buy a Galaxy Note 8 - BGR

Hillary Clinton describes Trump as 'creep' in forthcoming book - ABC News

Trump and McConnell try to tamp down talk of growing rift - Washington Post


Tense scene as Trump supporters meet protesters in Arizona

Tense scene as Trump supporters meet protesters in ArizonaTemperatures and tempers ran hot as President Trump prepared to hold a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday evening.

Barcelona attack: Suspects were planning to bomb Sagrada Familia and other major monuments

Barcelona attack: Suspects were planning to bomb Sagrada Familia and other major monumentsThe Barcelona terror cell behind last week's van attack planned to use explosives against major monuments including the city's famous Sagrada Familia church, one of the suspects has told a court. Mohamed Houli Chemlal, 21, who survived an explosion at an alleged bomb factory the day before the van atrocities said the Islamist gang had been preparing “an attack of larger dimensions”. He had known of the plans for an attack "at least two months ago", he added. A Spanish High Court judge last night jailed two of the four suspects, Chemlal and Driss Oukabir, charged with membership of a terrorist organisation, murder and possession of explosives. Mohamed Houli Chemlal, one of four arrested in relation to the terrorist attacks in Catalonia is taken to the Audiencia Nacional court in Madrid Credit: EFE A third suspect, Salh El Karib, who ran an internet cafe in the town of Ripoll, where most of the members of the cell lived, was remanded in police custody pending further investigation. The fourth suspect, Mohamed Aalla, will be released on certain conditions. Chemlal, who was injured when an explosion ripped through a house in the town of Alcanar, south of Barcelona, last Wednesday, appeared yesterday at the National Court in Madrid, still dressed in blue hospital pyjamas. The blast is believed to have killed two other members of the cell, including the imam thought to be the mastermind behind the plot, which left 15 people dead and scores injured. The court yesterday heard that a plane ticket to Brussels belonging to the imam, Abdelbaki Es Satty, was found in the rubble of the house. An Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant document was also found at the site of the blast. Spanish Civil Guards escort a man accused of involvement in the Spanish Islamist cell Credit: JUAN MEDINA/Reuters Isil claimed responsibility for the van attack that and a separate deadly assault, hours later, in the coastal resort of Cambrils, south of Barcelona. Earlier, it emerged that Es Satty, a Moroccan national, was told he was to be expelled from Spain, after leaving prison in April 2014 following a conviction for drug smuggling. But the Islamic preacher, 42, won an appeal against the decision by convincing a judge his forced deportation was not in line with international law. Terror in Spain: Dozens killed and injured in Barcelona and Cambrils Chemlal told the court the terrorist cell had been building bombs in the house, but their plans were foiled when an explosion tore through the property, killing two of his co-conspirators, including Es Satty. Chemlal told the judge the imam had wanted to blow himself up while two other suspects "blamed the imam for the plot while another two denied knowing him", a judicial source said. It was also claimed that Driss Oukabir, the older brother of one of the dead terrorists, told the investigating judge that he had hired the vans used in the attacks. Younes Abouyaaqoub was shot dead in a dramatic end to a massive manhunt Credit: EPA/SPANISH MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR Last week, he reportedly told police his ID and documents had been stolen by his brother, Moussa, 17, but it is now understood that while he admits hiring the vans, he will claim he thought they were to be used for removals. There is mounting anger in Spain over claims that Es Satty should not have even been in the country. He was jailed for four years in 2010 after being caught smuggling hashish between Morocco and Spain. Police: Suspect in Barcelona van attack shot dead 00:48 While in prison, it is thought he ­became close to Rachid Aglif, aka The Rabbit, one of the ringleaders of the 2004 Madrid train bombings which left 192 people dead. In line with Spanish immigration laws, as a foreign-born national who had been convicted and sentenced to more than a year in prison, Es Satty should have been expelled from the country on his release from jail. But he challenged the ruling and managed to persuade a judge that deportation would breach his international rights. Terror timeline - Ramming attacks involving vehicles

Some anchors throw shade at eclipse

Some anchors throw shade at eclipseMonday’s total solar eclipse captivated the nation and dominated news coverage, but not every anchor was as delighted, or even interested, as their audience.

Typhoon Hato hits Hong Kong and southern China

Typhoon Hato hits Hong Kong and southern ChinaTyphoon Hato, a maximum category 10 storm, slammed into Hong Kong, Macau and China's Guangdong province. Thousands of residents along the Chinese coast were evacuated.

The Latest: Families name 3 of the missing sailors on McCain

The Latest: Families name 3 of the missing sailors on McCainSINGAPORE (AP) — The Latest on the collision between the USS John S. McCain guided missile destroyer and an oil tanker east of Singapore (all times local):

Pence's Answer On Confederate Statues? Leave Them, And Build Others To Honor 'Progress.'

Pence's Answer On Confederate Statues? Leave Them, And Build Others To Honor 'Progress.'The answer to what we should do with all these troublesome Confederate monuments?

Cambodia PM orders English-language newspaper to pay taxes or close

Cambodia PM orders English-language newspaper to pay taxes or closeCambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen denounced the media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the United States on Tuesday, amid growing government impatience with criticism ahead of a general election next year. Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia for more than three decades and has shown no signs of any willingness to relinquish power. Hun Sen directed much of his anger at the English-language Cambodia Daily newspaper, saying it had to pay taxes accrued over the past 10 years by Sept. 4 or face closure.

WATCH: 'Demon Goat' In India Has Human-Like Face

WATCH: 'Demon Goat' In India Has Human-Like FaceThe goat's human-like face scared villagers.

Trump Attacked McConnell on Russia Probe: NYT

Trump Attacked McConnell on Russia Probe: NYTRachel Maddow shares a new report from the New York Times about the strained relationship between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and notes that the intensifying Trump Russia investigation may be wearing on Trump.

Spain suspect says terror cell planned big attack on monuments

Spain suspect says terror cell planned big attack on monumentsA suspected member of the terror cell that unleashed carnage in Spain last week admitted to a judge on Tuesday that the jihadists had planned to hit monuments in an even bigger attack. Mohamed Houli Chemlal, 21, said he knew of the plans two months ago, as he, and three other suspects, appeared in court for the first time since twin attacks killed 15 people and wounded more than 100. The four are the only surviving suspects from what was believed to be a 12-man terror cell that rammed a van into pedestrians on a tourist-packed boulevard in Barcelona on Thursday.

Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, apologizes for nasty Instagram spat

Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, apologizes for nasty Instagram spatLouise Linton, the 36-year-old Scottish actress newly wedded to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, sparked a national kerfuffle Monday when she got into a spat with one of her Instagram followers.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Everything We Know

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Everything We KnowWe can't wait for this truck.

U.S. Warns Cancun Travelers of Rise in Homicides at Resorts

U.S. Warns Cancun Travelers of Rise in Homicides at ResortsQuintana Roo alone has seen 169 murders this year

Mexican soldiers seize 140 pounds of fentanyl at US border

Mexican soldiers seize 140 pounds of fentanyl at US borderMEXICO CITY (AP) — Soldiers in northern Mexico say they have seized a surprisingly large stash of the powerful opioid fentanyl from a truck near the U.S. border.

Chelsea Manning Has Epic Response To Tweeter Who Wants Her 'Shot For Treason'

Chelsea Manning Has Epic Response To Tweeter Who Wants Her 'Shot For Treason'Former Army intelligence analyst and transgender activist Chelsea Manning responded in the best way Monday night to a violent message she received on Twitter.

Missouri governor halts execution to examine questions over DNA

Missouri governor halts execution to examine questions over DNABy Chris Kenning CHICAGO (Reuters) - Missouri Governor Eric Greitens halted the execution of a man scheduled to be put to death on Tuesday for killing a woman during a burglary after his attorneys argued that recent DNA evidence showed he is innocent. Greitens issued the stay of execution for Marcellus Williams, 48, just over four hours before he was scheduled to die by lethal injection in a Bonne Terre state prison for the stabbing death of former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Felicia Gayle during an August 1998 robbery at her home. Greitens said in a statement he would appoint a Board of Inquiry to examine the new DNA evidence and recommend whether he should commute Williams' death sentence.

North Korea shows Guam attack in new video as it warns of 'merciless revenge' against US over drills

North Korea shows Guam attack in new video as it warns of 'merciless revenge' against US over drillsNorth Korea has unveiled a propaganda video of its threat to fire missiles near the US territory of Guam as it threatened the US with “merciless revenge” for ignoring Pyongyang’s warnings over annual military drills with South Korea. Displaying images of Donald Trump staring at a cemetery filled with crosses and Vice-President Mike Pence enveloped by flames, the nearly 4 minute video showed the island of Guam being targeted by intermediate-range ballistic missiles.  "Americans should live with their eyes and ears wide open. They will be tormented day and night by the Hwasong-12 rockets without knowing when they will be launched," the caption reads, according to Yonhap. "They will be in jitters." An image of Mike Pence in the propaganda video from North Korea Credit: YouTube/uriminzokkiri "(We) just wish US policymakers should seriously think twice ahead of an obvious outcome (of a war)," another caption says, showing a photo of US Defence Secretary James Mattis. "Time is not on the US side." With the exercises continuing on Tuesday,  North Korea upped its rhetoric, saying it would be a misjudgment for the US to think that Pyongyang would “sit comfortably without doing anything,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency said, citing an unidentified military spokesman. The ongoing drills and visits of US military officials to South Korea create the circumstances for a “mock war” on the Korean peninsula, KCNA said. The comments represent a more belligerent tone after a war of words between the US and North Korea appeared to have subsided. Map: Guam in relation to North Korea Mr Trump praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last week for waiting to launch missiles over Japan into waters near Guam, after previously warning of “fire and fury” if he continued to threaten the American homeland. Tensions increased in July after North Korea conducted two intercontinental ballistic missile tests. Mr Trump has said military force is an option to prevent Mr Kim from gaining an ICBM that could deliver a nuclear weapon to the US. On Monday, South Korea President Moon Jae-in said North Korea shouldn’t use the latest round of drills as an excuse for any further provocations. The exercises “are not aimed at raising military tensions on the Korean peninsula at all,” Mr Moon told Cabinet members. China opposes US and South Korean military exercises 02:04 Mr Kim made a visit in early August to a guard post about 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) from the border with the South, Yonhap News reported, citing unidentified South Korean government officials. The South Korean military considers the visit an unusual act and is preparing to prevent a possible military provocation, Yonhap said. The Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military drills routinely spark condemnation from North Korea. During last year’s drills, North Korea launched a ballistic missile from a submarine and put its military on the highest alert. The exercise is a computerised command-and-control simulation, said a spokeswoman for US Forces in Korea. It will be of similar size to last year’s event with no field training, she said. A member of Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) rappels down during an anti-terror drill as a part of the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise in Goyang Credit: Reuters About 17,500 US service members are taking part, down from 25,000 last year. Mr Mattis said the reduction in numbers simply reflects a need for fewer personnel, and hasn’t been scaled back in response to tensions with North Korea. The US should never forget that North Korea is watching its moves closely with “fingers on triggers, ready to pour a fire shower of penalties at any time,” according to KCNA.

Nikki Haley: I had a 'personal conversation' with Trump about Charlottesville

Nikki Haley: I had a 'personal conversation' with Trump about CharlottesvilleOn CNN Tuesday morning, Haley declared, “There is no room for hate in this country” and said she had shared her views on Charlottesville with the president.

24 million affected by South Asia floods: Red Cross

24 million affected by South Asia floods: Red CrossMore than 24 million people have been affected by some of the worst flooding to hit South Asia in decades, with large areas of land submerged in water, the Red Cross Tuesday. Authorities in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have put the death toll at more than 750 since August 10, when a series of deluges began spreading with the annual monsoon season. "The situation is going from bad to worse," Red Cross under secretary-general Jagan Chapagain said in a statement, confirming the death toll given by regional authorities.

Woman Lost In Woods For Month Was High On Meth, Police Say

Woman Lost In Woods For Month Was High On Meth, Police Say"Me, personally, I think she was on meth," said Bullock County Sherrif Raymond Rodgers.

Remains of US sailors found on warship that collided off Singapore

Remains of US sailors found on warship that collided off SingaporeDivers have found the remains of some of the 10 sailors who went missing when a US destroyer collided with a tanker off Singapore, the navy said Tuesday, the latest deadly accident involving an American warship. The US Navy has announced a fleet-wide global investigation after the incident Monday involving the USS John S. McCain and the merchant vessel, which left a gaping gash in the destroyer's hull.

Doctors Bombarded by Calls From Those Who Believe They Suffered Eye Damage During Eclipse

Doctors Bombarded by Calls From Those Who Believe They Suffered Eye Damage During EclipseWhile most sky watchers have nothing to worry about, a few people may have suffered serious eye damage.

The stray dogs of Chernobyl

The stray dogs of ChernobylAn estimated 900 stray dogs live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, many of them likely the descendants of dogs left behind following the mass evacuation of residents in the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear disaster. Volunteers, including veterinarians and radiation experts from around the world, are participating in an initiative called the Dogs of Chernobyl, launched by the nonprofit Clean Futures Fund. Participants capture the dogs, study their radiation exposure, vaccinate them against parasites and diseases including rabies, tag the dogs and release them again into the exclusion zone.

Confederate flags in NYC window met with rocks, suit, tarp

Confederate flags in NYC window met with rocks, suit, tarpNEW YORK (AP) — The Confederate flags had been in a Manhattan apartment's windows for over a year. And then, in a matter of days last week, they were met with hurled rocks, a punched-out window, a tarp hung over them and legal action.

Barcelona Attack Suspect: I Thought I Was Renting Vans for a House Move

Barcelona Attack Suspect: I Thought I Was Renting Vans for a House MoveSuspect Driss Oukabir denied being part of the attackers' cell

Treasury secretary's wife apologizes for Instagram sniping

Treasury secretary's wife apologizes for Instagram snipingThe flap erupted after Mnuchin's wife, Scottish-born actress Louise Linton, posted a photo of herself emerging from the aircraft wearing a white outfit and sunglasses, using the hashtags "#tomford," "#hermesscarf" and "#valentino," according to images of the Monday evening post on social media. In her initially vitriolic response to the "deplorable" criticism, Linton had lashed out about how much she and her husband contribute to the economy and pay in taxes.

Netanyahu to Putin: Israel may act to curb Iran's clout in Syria

Netanyahu to Putin: Israel may act to curb Iran's clout in SyriaIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that Israel was prepared to act unilaterally to prevent an expanded Iranian military presence in Syria.

Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a 'major gift to the right'

Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a 'major gift to the right'Noam Chomsky has launched into an attack on the anti-fascist movement and argued its actions are wrong in principle and it is a “major gift to the right”. Antifa, shorthand for anti-fascist organisations, refers to a loose coalition of militant, decentralised, grassroots groups which are opposed to the far-right. The movement, which was founded in Europe in the 1920s, has dominated headlines in the wake of a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville earlier this month.

Whale Spotted Swimming In Shallow Waters Off Cape Cod Coast

Whale Spotted Swimming In Shallow Waters Off Cape Cod CoastThe baby whale spotted swimming close to the shore was emaciated and very skinny, authorities said.

Stranded migrants struggle in hostile Bulgaria

Stranded migrants struggle in hostile BulgariaSyrian refugee Fahim Jaber hoped for a better life in Europe. The average salary here is 510 euros ($602), a third of the European Union average and a fraction of that of rich countries. Arriving from what remained of Aleppo in 2016, Jaber and his family found themselves in Elin Pelin outside Sofia facing a hostile demonstration by locals in the town's main square.

When is the next total solar eclipse? 2024 'will be even better'

When is the next total solar eclipse? 2024 'will be even better'The 'Great American Eclipse' captivated millions around the world - it was the most-observed and most-photographed eclipse in history. However, if you misssed it, do not despair: the next eclipse takes place on July 2, 2019 - crossing Chile and Argentina. Great American eclipse, in pictures And Americans won't have to wait long for the next US eclipse - an event that many scientists believe will be even more impressive than Monday's natural wonder. Britons will have to wait somewhat longer. Great American eclipse, in pictures Chile and Argentina are next An eclipse on July 2, 2019 will span a huge arc across the southern Pacific, before crossing South America. The moon is expected to block out the sun for up to 4 minutes and 33 seconds over Chile and Argentina - far longer than Monday's 'Great American Eclipse', which lasted a little more than two minutes in the path of totality. Chile and Argentina also have the good fortune of being under the path of a total eclipse the following year, in 2020. The Second Great American Eclipse Americans will have to wait less than seven years for the next total solar eclipse - an event that scientists predict will top the August 21 2017 event. The path of the total eclipse will travel through Mexico, Texas and up across the highly-populated north-east of the US. The April 8, 2024 eclipse will pass over cities such as Austin, Dallas, Cleveland, New York, and Montreal. It will hit Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, which also witnessed the total eclipse on Monday.  The university has branded itself "The Eclipse Crossroads of America". The last total eclipse in the US was 38 years ago. How about the UK? It's a long time before there'll be another total solar eclipse in the UK - 73 years to be precise.  There have been just eight total eclipses in Britain across the past five centuries. 1999 was the last one, which was visible in Devon and Cornwall. There won't be another until September 23, 2090. Other notable forthcoming eclipses 2021: Antarctica 2026: the Arctic, Greenland, Iceland, Spain 2027: Morocco, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia 2028: Australia, New Zealand 2030: Botswana, South Africa, Australia To keep updated, Nasa keeps a record of every solar eclipse that will take place over the next 1,000 years.

Young Mother Crushed to Death Hours After Giving Birth When Hospital Elevator Malfunctions: Reports

Young Mother Crushed to Death Hours After Giving Birth When Hospital Elevator Malfunctions: ReportsRocio Cortes Nunez, 25, had just given birth to her third child when she was killed in a freak hospital accident.

The Latest: Russia bristles at US sanctions

The Latest: Russia bristles at US sanctionsWASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the U.S. and North Korea (all times local):

Sheriff: 2 elderly couples in NC killed while playing cards

Sheriff: 2 elderly couples in NC killed while playing cardsENFIELD, N.C. (AP) — Four elderly North Carolina people found shot to death after an apparent home invasion were killed while they played cards, a sheriff said Tuesday.

Nigeria's Buhari resumes old habits in days since return

Nigeria's Buhari resumes old habits in days since returnNigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has kept a low profile since his grand return from sick leave on Saturday. Buhari disembarked his plane in Abuja on Saturday to a military salute and was cheered by hundreds of people who lined the streets as his motorcade drove to the presidential villa. The refusal to disclose details of Buhari's illness has caused speculation about whether the 74-year-old is well enough to run Africa's most populous country and biggest economy.

Breitbart News Wants Trump To Know His Base Is Not Happy About Afghanistan

Breitbart News Wants Trump To Know His Base Is Not Happy About AfghanistanBreitbart News had a clear message for President Donald Trump following his speech on the war in Afghanistan Monday night: His voter base is not happy.

Nazi Germany?s Lessons for Anti-Fascist Protesters

Nazi Germany’s Lessons for Anti-Fascist ProtestersNazi Germany’s history shows that fascists provoke violence to justify a crackdown on civil liberties.

ExxonMobil: Oil and gas giant ?misled? the public about climate change, say Harvard experts

ExxonMobil: Oil and gas giant ‘misled’ the public about climate change, say Harvard expertsFossil fuel giant ExxonMobil “misled the public” about the risks posed by climate change, an analysis of its public and private announcements on the subject by two Harvard University academics has concluded. While the company’s scientists and senior executive largely accepted the scientific consensus that global warming is real and poses significant risks, it spent thousands of dollars on regular advertorials in The New York Times (NYT) and other newspapers, in which it sought to cast doubt on the science. In some cases, the firm, led by the current US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, from 2006 to 2016, even contradicted itself.

100+ Super-Quick, No-Fuss Recipes to Make for Dinner

100+ Super-Quick, No-Fuss Recipes to Make for Dinner

The ISS delivers a view of the solar eclipse you just have to see

The ISS delivers a view of the solar eclipse you just have to seeNow that all the eclipse hype has died down you probably think it's time to move on with your boring old non-eclipse life and get back to business. Nope! Now that the celestial event has wrapped up we get to gawk at all the awesome photos taken from all over North America, and even some particularly fantastic shots from the International Space Station. Obviously, viewing the eclipse from space is tricky business. When you're on the ground, all you have to do is look skyward and, assuming you're within an area that the moon's shadow will hit, you'll see what all the fuss is about. For astronauts aboard the ISS, location is equally important, and while the space station's position wasn't ideal for eclipse viewing, the crew still managed to snap some great photos. That big dark spot is (obviously) the shadow of the moon moving across Earth, blocking out the sun for anyone in its path. The extremely dark center is the spot of totality, where the eclipse is best viewed, while the lighter shadows are experiencing a partial eclipse. It's a great shot, but it actually pales in comparison to the photo captured way back in 1999 from Russia's Mir space station during an eclipse: The Mir happened to be in the perfect position to capture this glorious shot of the "bruised" Earth, and while the ISS wasn't able to snag quite as nice of a photo, it's still a really cool shot anyway. The next total solar eclipse is slated to occur on July 2nd, 2019. Its path will take it across a huge chunk of the Pacific Ocean as well as a slice of South America, so the ISS will have another opportunity to capture eclipse gold very shortly.

More Than 2 Dozen Puppies Found in a Hot Van: 'They Were Literally on Top of Each Other'

More Than 2 Dozen Puppies Found in a Hot Van: 'They Were Literally on Top of Each Other'The puppies were severely dehydrated after their ordeal.

32 letters filed in support of prof charged in Chicago death

32 letters filed in support of prof charged in Chicago deathCHICAGO (AP) — More than 30 colleagues and friends of a former Northwestern University professor charged in the brutal stabbing death of a 26-year-old man wrote letters supporting him both as a friend and a scientist whose research included academic work on the bacteria that cause plague.

A majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate monuments: Reuters/Ipsos poll

A majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate monuments: Reuters/Ipsos pollA majority of Americans think Confederate monuments should be preserved in public spaces, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, a view that is at odds with efforts in many cities to remove them. Another 28 percent saw the white supremacists as the aggressors and 10 percent mostly blamed the left-wing counter-protesters.

Priest urges haters to repent; reveals his Ku Klux Klan past

Priest urges haters to repent; reveals his Ku Klux Klan pastMcLEAN, Va. (AP) — Forty years ago he was a Ku Klux Klan "wizard," burning crosses on black families' lawns. Now, after decades as a Catholic priest, he's coming forward about his past.

Trump backs off Afghan withdrawal, lambasts Pakistan

Trump backs off Afghan withdrawal, lambasts Pakistan"My instinct was to pull out," Trump said as he spoke of his frustration with a war that has killed thousands of US troops and cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars. While Trump refused to offer detailed troop numbers, senior White House officials said he had already authorized his defense secretary to deploy up to 3,900 more troops to Afghanistan.

Malia Obama Arrived At Harvard And Oh Man, Kids Grow Up So Fast

Malia Obama Arrived At Harvard And Oh Man, Kids Grow Up So FastIt seems like just yesterday Malia Obama was a too-cute tot.

Graphic Video Shows MMA Fighter Beating Champion Weightlifter

Graphic Video Shows MMA Fighter Beating Champion WeightlifterThe fight reportedly took place outside a cafe in the city of Khabarovsk in southeastern Russia’s Khabarovsk Krai region.

Christina El Moussa Swears By These Healthy Brownies

Christina El Moussa Swears By These Healthy Brownies"I seriously had them, like, every single day for four months."


Trump Vows to Continue Afghan War. Taliban Say They're Fine With That

After Trump reaffirmed his commitment to stay in the Afghan War, three Taliban leaders told NBC News they were happy to keep fighting.

Images Appear to Show Plans for New North Korean Missiles

Concept diagrams were seen hanging on a wall behind leader Kim Jong Un while he visited a plant that makes solid-fuel engines for the country's missile program.

Typhoon Hato Slams Hong Kong With 95 MPH Winds

Typhoon Hato caused chaos, closing businesses and raising sea levels, as it swept past Hong Kong.

Danish Police Searching for Missing Journalist Find Headless Torso

Police in Denmark have found a headless torso near to where Swedish journalist Kim Wall was last seen.

Bus With Gas Containers Found Near Canceled Rotterdam Concert

The concert, which was to feature Californian band "Allah-Las," was canceled around 7 p.m. local time, shortly before doors were to be opened for guests, after a tip from police in Spain, Dutch officials said.

Who Is the 'American' Boy in New ISIS Video?

ISIS put out a video that features 10-year-old 'Yousef,' who says he is American and the son of a U.S. soldier.

U.S. Expands Mexico Travel Advisory, Affecting Popular Resorts

The expanded travel advisory covers the state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun, Tulum and several popular tourist destinations.

Rescued Pigs Served to U.K. Firefighters as Sausages

The 18 piglets and two sows were rescued after an electrical fault set hay on fire at a farm in Milton Lilbourne, 70 miles west of London, in February.

Journalist Under Government Protection Killed in Mexico

Mexico is now the world's deadliest country for journalists; Veracruz journalist Cándido Ríos Vázquez is the ninth killed this year, and he was under government protection.

Headless Body ID'd as Swedish Submarine Journalist

DNA tests confirm that the headless torso found on a beach off Copenhagen matches that of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, Danish police said Wednesday.

U.S. Has More Troops in Afghanistan Than the Pentagon Admits

The Pentagon officially acknowledges 8,400 troops on the ground there, but that number actually hovers between 11,000 and 12,000, the officials said.

7th Fleet Commander Dismissed as Navy Loses Confidence in Ability

Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, the commander of the Navy's 7th Fleet was relieved of his post after two deadly collisions of warships.

Spain Terror Suspects Bought Knives, Ax After Van Attack

The detail came to light on Tuesday as a Spanish judge issued orders to jail two of the surviving suspects without bail and provisionally freed another.

Families With Trans Kids Come Out of Shadows in Chile

After one couple's successful legal battle for their trans daughter's rights, other families with trans kids have been inspired to come out of the shadows.

Three Boys Rescued Following Deadly Italian Earthquake

At least two people were killed in the quake that struck just before 9 p.m. Monday, while another 39 were injured and some 2,600 were left homeless.

Australian Olympian, Qantas CEO Urge Support for Gay Marriage

Australia's most successful Olympian, Ian Thorpe, and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce are among those calling for same-sex marriage in Australia ahead of a postal vote.

'Saber Rattling': Those Within Striking Distance of N. Korea React to Tensions

The heated language around North Korea's nuclear and missile program has generally met with a cooler response in cities and towns across Asia-Pacific region.

German Police Seize 5,000 Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Tablets

German police made a surprising discovery on after uncovering 5,000 ecstasy tablets shaped like President Donald Trump during a traffic stop.

Four Surviving Barcelona Attack Suspects Appear in Court

Four alleged members of a terror cell accused of killing 15 people in attacks in Barcelona and a Spanish resort appeared in court Tuesday.

Remains Found of Some U.S. Sailors Missing in Warship Crash

The remains of "some" American sailors have been found in sealed compartments aboard the USS John S. McCain, the U.S. Navy said.

Pence Warns Pakistan: 'We're Putting Them on Notice'

Pence, speaking in the White House with TODAY's Matt Lauer, continued to endorse Trump's televised speech Monday night in which the president pledged to remain in Afghanistan.

1 Dead, 25 Injured After Quake Strikes Italian Tourist Island

Ten people were also missing after an earthquake rocked Ischia, just west of Naples.

Police Fatally Shoot Man Suspected in Barcelona Attack

Catalan police said Monday that they have fatally shot the man suspected of killing 13 people in a van attack on Barcelona's La Rambla.

UK Promises to Prosecute Online Hate Crimes Vigorously

British authorities are promising to prosecute hate crimes committed online as vigorously as those that take place face-to-face.

Submarine Owner Says Missing Journalist Was 'Buried At Sea'

The owner of a home-built submarine says a Swedish journalist died aboard his vessel and he buried her at sea, police say.


Russia’s Sudan Ambassador Found Dead

Mirgayas Shirinsky, 60, was said to have been discovered in the pool of his Khartoum home. He was at least the fourth Kremlin envoy to die prematurely since December.

Hidden Banksy Art to Be Displayed by London Developer

“Snorting Copper” had been painted over and boarded up. Now, the man who rediscovered it says he will keep the restored work where the public can see it.

How a Shadowy Imam Evaded Scrutiny and Forged the Barcelona Cell

Abdelbaki Essati, believed to be the recruiter behind the attacks in Spain, had deep links with Islamic extremists and seems to have learned their methods well.

Une épidémie de suicides ronge le monde agricole français

Souffrant de l’isolement, de la rigueur d’un travail très physique et de pressions financières croissantes, les agriculteurs sont poussés au désespoir alors que les autorités et les associations tentent de leur venir en aide.

France’s Macron Looks to Confront Eastern Europe Over Low-Cost Workers

In the wake of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, a backlash is building in Western Europe against importing inexpensive labor from Eastern Europe.

Kim Wall Is Confirmed Dead as Danish Inventor Is Investigated

Ms. Wall, a journalist, disappeared after boarding a submarine designed by Peter Madsen, who says he buried her at sea after an accident on the vessel.

Brawls Break Out Among Migrants in French City

As many as 200 migrants clashed near Calais in five brawls, the authorities said.


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