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Trump gives ultimatum on health care bill: Vote Friday or keep Obamacare

To make a deal, you have to know when it's time to walk.

House GOP meeting on health care ends on ultimatum

President Donald Trump and Republican leaders are still scrambling Thursday for a deal and looking for votes on their landmark bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

New CBO estimate for health care bill is even worse

Recent revisions to the Republican health care bill means it would cost more, and still leave 24 million fewer people insured by 2026, new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office show.

GOPer changes Obamacare repeal vote from 'no' to 'hell no'

Rep. Thomas Massie joins Kate Bolduan to weigh in on the ongoing health care debate, noting that the GOP fears Trump would be a "one-term president" were the bill to pass

House Freedom Caucus: Public Enemy No. 1

The rag-tag rabble-rousing House Freedom Caucus may be the linchpin to repeal and replace Obamacare at this point.

A district that could make or break the vote

When it comes to the fate of the GOP's health care bill, no district is more important than this swath of eastern Colorado.

Opinion: GOP bill gambles with women's health

A vote on legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare has been delayed, as Republicans haggle furiously over just how destructive they can agree to be.

What's missing from this White House photo?

Democrats, women's groups and liberals seized on a photo Thursday shared by Vice President Mike Pence of a meeting he attended with President Donald Trump and members of the House Freedom Caucus.

'I'm President, and you're not'

President Donald Trump defended some of the most controversial claims of his young political career in a wide-ranging interview with Time magazine published Thursday, in which he offered a simple and absolute defense of his method:

Raids and arrests across UK in connection to attack

Police across the UK have raided addresses associated with Wednesday's terrorist attack in central London, which left four people dead and dozens injured.

Police: Arrests were significant

Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Rowley of the London Metropolitan Police announces that significant arrests have been made in connection with the terror attack in central London.

Killer named: 52 and British born

In a horrifying attack in London on Wednesday, a lone assailant plowed a car into crowds of people gathered on Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer dead outside UK Parliament. The assault on the heart of Britain's capital left three people dead.

Mayor shuts down Trump Jr. tweet

A day after a terror attack in his city left three people dead and as many as 40 wounded, London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he has more important things to do than respond to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.

Toronto schools no longer allow student trips to US

Canada's largest school system announced it will no longer allow student or staff trips to the US, citing uncertainty over the travel ban.

Federal judge who blocked Trump's travel ban gets threats

A Hawaii federal judge who ruled against President Donald Trump's revised travel ban has been the target of threatening messages, the FBI says.

Secret Service employees in trouble over fence jumper

At least six Secret Service employees are expected to face discipline over a security breach on March 10 in which a man gained entry to White House grounds, a Secret Service source told CNN Thursday.

Mexico ready to 'step away from NAFTA' if new deal isn't good

Opinion: Trump's fantasy of himself

Thanks to the energy of Time magazine's Washington Bureau Chief Michael Scherer and the self-absorption of our President, someone opened the portal into Donald J. Trump's brain -- like in the movie "Being John Malkovich" -- in the form of what for the want of a better description is a stream of consciousness interview with the 45th President of these United States.

FBI info may tie Trump associates to Russians during campaign, US officials say

The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US officials told CNN.

Spicer responds to CNN report

Press Secretary Sean Spicer is asked by CNN's Sara Murray whether he can definitely say that no Trump associates colluded with Russian operatives during the 2016 election.

Source: ICE is targeting 'sanctuary cities' with raids

Border mystery: Where are the immigrants?

Is the federal crackdown on illegal immigration having a deterrent effect? Or are we suddenly experiencing a calm before the storm?

DOJ highlights immigration arrests

Immigration offenses account for half of all federal arrests, according to Justice Department statistics released Thursday, which focus heavily on the role immigration plays in the federal justice system.

Philly Cinco de Mayo soiree canceled amid crackdown

Amid heightened paranoia in the country's immigrant communities, South Philadelphia can bid this year's Cinco de Mayo celebration, "Hasta luego."

Judge: 'Courthouses should not be used as bait'

California's chief justice is "deeply concerned" after reports that "immigration agents appear to be stalking undocumented immigrants in our courthouses to make arrests."

Trump's policies and how they'll change America

From his travel ban to his plan to repeal Obamacare, President Donald Trump's policy proposals are already affecting some Americans but have the potential to change the fabric of the US.

5 things you need to know today

Here's what you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today" delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.

Xavier takes down another top seed

Amber Alert issued for two toddlers

Two children were abducted Thursday after a suspect stole a car where they had been inside, according to police.

Rick Perry: Texas A&M's student body election was 'stolen'

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry weighed in Wednesday on the student body election of his alma mater, questioning whether Texas A&M's first openly gay student body president legitimately earned the title.

Ex-spies weigh in on Russian hacking allegations

President Donald Trump's campaign and its alleged ties to Russia has been a big part of the political conversation this week.

Hundreds of hate messages target school at center of rape case

The alleged rape of a Maryland high school student by two schoolmates -- one an undocumented immigrant -- has prompted a torrent of threats and hate messages to the school and the school system, a county school spokesman said Thursday.

Another Putin critic is dead

A former Russian lawmaker and Kremlin critic who fled to Ukraine last year was shot dead Thursday in Ukraine's capital, an official said.

Senator apologizes for 'mammogram' remark

Sen. Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican, apologized Thursday afternoon for making an apparent joke about mammograms related to what features are or are not included in Republicans' plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Grieving father no longer backs Trump

Former Trump supporter Kraig Moss, who lost his son to opioid addiction, explains to CNN's Jake Tapper why he no longer supports the President.

Chloe and Halle talk women's rights and Beyoncé

CNN caught up with R&B duo Chloe x Halle at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, where the Atlanta natives opened up about their passion for women's rights, the power of music and their relationship with their mentor, Beyoncé.

Is this NFL team interested in Johnny Manziel?

Immigration violations: The one thing to know

Have undocumented immigrants committed a crime just by being here? Not necessarily. CNN's Laura Jarrett explains.

Ivanka's WH job raises ethics questions

The White House says Ivanka Trump will comply with ethics restrictions -- even though they don't formally apply to her -- now that she's getting a West Wing office.

Stabbing was practice, suspect tells police

The white man accused of fatally stabbing a black man in New York on Monday night told police he targeted the victim because he was black and that he viewed the killing as "practice," according to a criminal complaint.

Coaching legend: 'Me' culture plagues kids

If you've been on Facebook this week, chances are you've seen someone share comments made by Geno Auriemma, coach of the University of Connecticut women's basketball team. UConn hasn't lost a game in more than two years and is in play for a fifth consecutive national title.

Wall Street runs on Dunkin', not Starbucks

Instagram comedian signs million dollar deal

Henry Obiefule has been making others laugh with his internet skits, but now he'll be laughing all the way to the bank after signing a million dollar deal.

Laptop ban: What it's going to cost you

It's happening. Already reports of passengers facing enhanced security and early enforcement of the electronics ban have reached social media.

Will 'Fearless Girl' statue be here to stay?

"Fearless Girl" is causing quite a stir. Since the bronze statue was installed across from the Wall Street bull two weeks ago, she's drawn crowds and incited debate.

Jesus tomb site re-opens after restoration

It's one of Christianity's holiest sites -- the burial chamber where Jesus Christ is believed to have been entombed. Now following nine months of meticulous restoration, it's reopened to the devoted.

Shaking up the dinosaur family tree

Researchers may have discovered a new way to classify dinosaurs, shaking up the 130-year-old method of dividing them up based on the shape of their hips.

His travel photos could go for $1.1M

Andy Warhol's personal photographs from his trip to Beijing and Hong Kong in 1982 are arguably the most famous holiday snaps of all time.

The week in 28 photos

Take a look at 28 photos of the week from March 17 through March 23.

What's missing from this GOP photo?

Democrats, women's groups and liberals seized on a photo Thursday shared by Vice President Mike Pence of a meeting he attended with President Donald Trump and members of the House Freedom Caucus.


US healthcare bill: Trump issues Friday vote ultimatum

The president demands a make-or-break vote on Friday on a new healthcare bill to replace Obamacare.

Germanwings crash families angered by pilot's father

Germanwings crash victims' families criticise the pilot's father for seeking to exonerate his son.

Fourth London attack victim named

Officers say they want information on Khalid Masood's "associates and places he visited".

Sewol disaster ferry raised in South Korea after three years

It sank in one of South Korea's deadliest disasters in 2014.

Egypt's Hosni Mubarak freed after six years in detention

It is the first time Egypt's ex-president is allowed to go home since his 2011 overthrow.

British scientists in world-first TB breakthrough

British scientists say they now isolate different strains and so diagnose sufferers within days.

IS leaves trail of destruction in Syria's Palmyra

Lyse Doucet goes inside Syria's famed Roman-era city, badly damaged by Islamic State militants.

France's Marine Le Pen urges end to Russia sanctions

The far-right presidential candidate meets Russian MPs just weeks before France's elections.

Eurovision: Russia rejects offer for Julia Samoilova to perform 'via satellite'

Russian TV says the offer to allow Julia Samoilova to perform in Ukraine via satellite link is "strange".

NZ quake shifted South Island five metres

2016's big quake in New Zealand will likely prompt a rethink about how such events are expected to behave.

Pro-settlement hardliner Friedman confirmed as US envoy to Israel

Daniel Friedman, a critic of the two-state solution, is approved by the Republican-led US Senate.

Taiwan top court hears landmark gay marriage case

The case could make the island the first place in Asia to permit same-sex marriage.

'Hero' street dogs in India help catch criminal

The two chased down and bit a man accused of stabbing one of his former colleagues on the roadside.

Victims of the terror attack

Four people, plus the attacker, died and around 50 were injured in Wednesday's attack in London.

Moment PM May evacuated from Westminster

Footage obtained by the Sun shows Theresa May being hurried to safety during Wednesday's attack.

Vigil held after London attack

The people of London and visitors to the city come together to remember the people who lost their lives.

What we know so far

Here is what we know about the incidents in Westminster, which are being treated by police as terrorism.

Walking the London attack route

Matthew Price reports from Westminster Bridge on the deadly sequence of events.

World leaders show solidarity

France, Germany and the US send messages of solidarity after the deadly attack near parliament.

London attack: French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault meets victims

The lives of three French teenagers injured in Wednesday's terror attack are not in danger - minister.

Aurora Australis: Spectacular displays for first Southern Lights charter flight

Aurora-hunters came from around the world and were left awestruck by the display.

The writing on the wall

Graffiti growth - from simple tags in the US 50 years ago - to vast colourful creations.

Exclusive: Ed Sheeran says Liberia trip 'hit me really hard'

The singer writes about his Comic Relief visit and why he'll never forget the children he met.

All-male White House health bill photo sparks anger

The picture puts a spotlight on benefits being stripped out of latest healthcare bill revisions.

Weekly quiz: What's special about Sesame St's new muppet?

A weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.

Ice hockey pros left 'broken' by big hits

Former NHL player Dale Purinton says ice hockey needs to change, so players are not left "physically and mentally" broken.

Nine Lives: Indian women with tuberculosis speak out

A new book documents nine women survivors of tuberculosis, India's most severe health crisis.

Hong Kong election: The nanny, Mr Pringles or the judge?

A quick guide to the candidates competing to become Hong Kong's chief executive.

JFK diary calls Hitler 'stuff of legends'

The 28-year-old future president wrote about the dictator after touring his mountain retreat.

Why Apple's red iPhones are not 'Red' in China

Apple's Red iPhone is going on sale, but in China it is doing things a bit differently. Why?

Camel racing, jogging diplomats and blood drones

A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.

Who dares piggyback on a dictator?

The BBC examines the unusual photo of Kim Jong-un giving a piggyback to a military officer.

Jenna Cook: The adopted girl claimed by 50 birth families

When Jenna Cook returned from the US to China to search for her birth family, more than 50 candidates came forward - but were any of them a match?

Claressa Shields: From poverty & abuse to boxing greatness

From a childhood of hunger and abuse to double Olympic champion, Claressa Shields has been fighting all her life.

Tales of deportation in Trump's America: Week Two

A look at the men and women affected by President Trump's deportation strategy.

Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?

After years of planning, scientists are set now to send missions to explore the ocean world of Europa.

How western capitals protect their parliaments

An attacker tried and failed to access Westminster - so what is security like in Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Washington DC?

Why Sangin's fall to the Taliban matters

The Taliban's capture of the crucial southern Afghan city of Sangin is highly significant.

Lewis Hamilton dominates Australian Grand Prix practice

Lewis Hamilton puts in a scintillating performance to set the pace in second practice at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

Dele Alli: Tottenham midfielder given three-game ban

Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli is banned for three European matches after being sent off against Gent in the Europa League in February.

David Haye told to explain pre-Tony Bellew fight behaviour

David Haye is called before boxing authorities to explain his behaviour in the build-up to his bout with Tony Bellew.


London attacker Khalid Masood was a 52-year-old criminal with militant links

Egypt's former leader Mubarak freed, six years after overthrow: lawyer

Russians bombing Syrian rebels near Hama, Syrian military source says

Police arrest two more over British parliament attack

Iraqi forces prepare new push, tactics in Mosul as civilians flee city

France's Le Pen, on Russia visit, heads to Kremlin for exhibition

U.N. will investigate crimes against Rohingya in Myanmar

Hungarian law risks exposing migrant children to sex abuse: watchdog

Merkel concerned Israeli settlements undermine two-state solution

Philippines leader scolds EU for 'idiotic' drug rehab solution


?America is stronger?: Obama defends Affordable Care Act ahead of GOP House vote

‘America is stronger’: Obama defends Affordable Care Act ahead of GOP House votePresident Barack Obama signs the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in the East Room of the White House in Washington seven years ago. Former President Barack Obama released a statement on the seventh anniversary of having signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law — providing an impassioned defense of his landmark health care bill as it’s under fierce attack. The statement from the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama was sent out Thursday morning, ahead of an expected House Republicans vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which would essentially repeal and replace the 2010 law commonly known as Obamacare.

London Terror Attack: At Least 5 Killed, 40 Injured Outside Parliament

London Terror Attack: At Least 5 Killed, 40 Injured Outside ParliamentAn attacker plowed through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing and killing a police officer outside Parliament in London on Wednesday.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan dismisses Trump Jr.?s Twitter jab following attack

London Mayor Sadiq Khan dismisses Trump Jr.’s Twitter jab following attackLondon Mayor Sadiq Khan declined to respond to an insult from U.S. President Trump’s son hours after a terrorist attack at the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday. “You have to be kidding me?!” Trump Jr. wrote. Trump Jr. mischaracterized Khan’s statements as if he had said that terrorism is an inevitable consequence of living in a big city and that nothing could be done.

Jewish youth arrested in Israel over anti-Semitic threats abroad

Jewish youth arrested in Israel over anti-Semitic threats abroadA Jewish youth was arrested in Israel on Thursday on suspicion of making dozens of anti-Semitic threats in countries around the world, police said. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the suspect was "a resident of the south (of Israel) from the Jewish community". "The investigation began in several countries at the same time, in which dozens of threatening calls were received at public places, events, synagogues and community buildings that caused panic and disrupted events and activities in various organisations," a police statement said.

House Intel Cmte. Creates Confusion As Chairman Releases New Trump Details

House Intel Cmte. Creates Confusion As Chairman Releases New Trump DetailsHouse Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes made revelations concerning "incidentally collected" intelligence related to the Trump campaign, triggering confusion about why he revealed the information.

Dakota Access pipeline vandalism highlights sabotage risks

Dakota Access pipeline vandalism highlights sabotage risksBISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — The developer of the Dakota Access pipeline has reported "recent coordinated physical attacks" on the much-protested line, just as it's almost ready to carry oil.

Disabled students? education rights upgraded by Supreme Court

Disabled students’ education rights upgraded by Supreme CourtStudents with disabilities have a legal right to educational support at school that will enable each one to make measurable progress, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Wednesday.  It is not enough that progress is simply more than a bare minimum, the court said in an opinion written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

Attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London

Attack outside the Houses of Parliament in LondonA knife-wielding man went on a deadly rampage in the heart of Britain’s seat of power, plowing a car into pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer to death inside the gates of Parliament. Five people were killed, including the assailant, in what police said they were treating as a terrorist incident. Reuters reporters inside the building heard loud bangs and shortly afterwards a Reuters photographer said he saw at least a dozen people injured on Westminster Bridge, next to parliament.

White House all in before crucial health care vote: 'There is no Plan B'

White House all in before crucial health care vote: 'There is no Plan B'On what could be the eve of a crucial health care vote and with the reported numbers still seemingly unfavorable, the White House remained confident that the American Health Care Act would pass the House on Thursday. “Piece by piece, member by member, we’re getting there, and we’re getting much closer,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday of gathering the votes necessary to repeal Obamacare. The White House team did have some success on Wednesday, flipping Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., to a “yes” vote after assuring him that they supported his proposed amendment, which would deny health care credits to undocumented immigrants.

U.N. agency worried about forced return of Nigerian refugees from Cameroon

U.N. agency worried about forced return of Nigerian refugees from CameroonThe United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Tuesday it is concerned about Cameroon forcing thousands of refugees to return to northeast Nigeria, an area struggling with insurgency and facing a potential famine. UNHCR teams in Nigeria have heard and documented accounts of Cameroonian troops returning refugees against their will, despite an agreement between the two countries that any such returns should be voluntary. Babar Baloch, UNHCR spokesman, told a press briefing the agency was "particularly concerned" that more than 2,600 refugees, many of whom had fled militant group Boko Haram, had been sent back to Nigerian border villages since the start of the year.

Intelligence committee chair reignites wiretapping scandal

Intelligence committee chair reignites wiretapping scandalPresident Trump says he feels "somewhat vindicated" on his wiretap claim after Congressman David Dunes said intelligence agencies may have picked up some private communications from his transition team.

911 call: Mom tried to resuscitate unresponsive twin babies

911 call: Mom tried to resuscitate unresponsive twin babiesLINDENWOLD, N.J. (AP) — The mother of twin baby girls who were found dead in an apartment can be heard screaming on a 911 call that they "are not breathing and both are purple."

South Korea raises sunken ferry: Yonhap

South Korea raises sunken ferry: YonhapSalvage operators raised part of South Korea's sunken Sewol ferry early Thursday, Yonhap news agency reported, nearly three years after the disaster killed more than 300 people and dealt a crippling blow to now-ousted president Park Geun-Hye. "As of 3:45 am (1845 GMT Wednesday), part of the Sewol's structure, which is believed to be its stabilizer, can be seen above the water with the naked eye," an official from the Oceans and Fisheries Ministry was quoted as saying by Yonhap news agency. The vessel was lying more than 40 metres (130 feet) below the waves off southwestern South Korea and the operation, originally scheduled for last year, had been pushed back several times because of adverse weather.

Germany set to deport native-born potential terrorists

Germany set to deport native-born potential terroristsIn a move without precedent in German history, the country will soon deport two German-born men accused of having discussed terrorist activity. On Tuesday, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig threw out a case saying that the men, one an Algerian national and the other a Nigerian citizen, should not be deported because there was no proof they had committed a serious offense. In so doing, it cleared the way for deportations that the state government of Lower Saxony ordered last month, when it described the pair as a threat to national security.

Japan PM Abe accused of giving cash to nationalistic school

Japan PM Abe accused of giving cash to nationalistic schoolTOKYO (AP) — Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe donated 1 million yen ($9,000) through his wife to a school run by a group of ultranationalist educators, the group's leader told Parliament on Thursday, while also suggesting there was "political influence" in a land-buying scandal involving the school.

Somaliland drought "a kind of nightmare" ? and a security threat: minister

Somaliland drought "a kind of nightmare" – and a security threat: ministerBy Laurie Goering LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Prolonged drought in Somaliland has killed between 65 and 80 percent of the semi-autonomous region's livestock, creating conditions that are "the worst time in our lives" and could threaten regional security, says the region's environment minister. With 70 percent of Somaliland's economy built around livestock, "you can imagine the desperation of the people, the desperation of the government," said Shukri Ismail Bandare, the minister of rural development and environment.

4 Killed Including A Police Officer In Wisconsin

4 Killed Including A Police Officer In WisconsinPolice confirmed that the suspect was taken into custody. However, they did not release the names of the people involved and killed during the shootings in Wisconsin.

WSJ: Trump clings to wiretap claim ?like a drunk to an empty gin bottle,? damaging his credibility

WSJ: Trump clings to wiretap claim ‘like a drunk to an empty gin bottle,’ damaging his credibility“If President Trump announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed within 100 miles of Hawaii, would most Americans believe him?” the WSJ wrote.

Puerto Rico governor, bondholders divided on PREPA deal

Puerto Rico governor, bondholders divided on PREPA dealPuerto Rico's governor told U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday the island's struggling power utility, PREPA, could undergo an in-court restructuring process akin to U.S. bankruptcy if a consensual deal with creditors cannot be achieved. Governor Ricardo Rossello said at a U.S. House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing his administration would prefer a consensual deal to bankruptcy, as lawmakers questioned him about delays in completing a $9 billion restructuring at PREPA. The hearing showcased growing discord between Rossello's administration and PREPA's creditors, which seemed to concern the committee in charge of leading Congress' response to Puerto Rico's ongoing crisis.

Think your groceries are expensive? Japan has $27,000 melons.

Think your groceries are expensive? Japan has $27,000 melons.Imagine going into a high-end luxury store filled with sparkling display cases, security at every turn and an attentive staff and finding not expensive jewelry but...fruit encased in the glass. In Sembikiya, Japan's oldest fruit shop, fruit is treated and sold like an elaborate gift. And this is no ordinary fruit. Sembikiya sells anything from heart-shaped watermelons to ping-pong ball sized "Ruby Roman" grapes to giant strawberries that are a bit more expensive than your average box of sad market fruit. SEE ALSO: People can't believe a supermarket is selling a single boxed strawberry for $22 Words can't describe how delicious this Melon was.  #GinzaSembikiya #Sembikiya by mango… http://t.co/7zPrWz6VU7 pic.twitter.com/eNNBohRVYR — InstaKyoto (@InstaKyoto) April 4, 2015 A post shared by @puapupupu on Jan 31, 2017 at 4:50pm PST According to CNN, cultivating these luxury fruits involves meticulous and labor-intensive practices. Although the way Japanese farmers grow these beauties is a secret, it was revealed that sometimes it takes 45 days to grow one strawberry and usually sell for 500,000 yen ($4,395) each. The strawberries even have a special name -  Bijin-hime, which means "beautiful princess". ONE STRAWBERRY is $4,395. And if you think that's just a bit beyond your fruit budget, in 2016 a premium Hokkaido cantaloupe sold for a record $27,240 (3 million yen) at an auction.   Expensive fruit isn't unique to Sembikiya, though. According to the Semikiya website, fruit is given as gifts to people who are important to you on special occasions. Soyeon Shim, dean of the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told CNN, Besides being a symbol of respect, the Japanese see fruit in spiritual terms, regularly offering it to the gods at home alters.  A post shared by ingingkiku (@ingingkiku) on Oct 23, 2016 at 4:21am PDT A piece of fruit this magnificent isn't sold in some regular cardboard box. The fruit is wrapped in packaging that, of course, matches is luxury. CNN reports that single strawberries are sold in packages that resemble jewelry boxes, while melons are sold in ornate wooden boxes.  A post shared by Cecilia Schena (@ceciliaske) on Aug 7, 2016 at 4:32am PDT To consumers, according to CNN, the expense represents quality and some say that they even taste better than normal-priced fruit.  Seeing as though one strawberry is more than four month's rent, we'll stick to our small, slightly mushy, questionable fruit. We'll admire these from afar. [H/T: CNN] WATCH: This nail polish is made from prosecco — making you both sparkly and tipsy

Official says welder sparked massive Kansas apartment fire

Official says welder sparked massive Kansas apartment fireOVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — A fire that leveled a multimillion-dollar apartment building under construction and spread to about two dozen homes in suburban Kansas City started when a welder accidentally ignited wooden building materials, fire officials said.

7 Richard Simmons Quotes We Love

7 Richard Simmons Quotes We LoveRichards Simmons took the fitness world by storm over three decades ago, with his inspiring story of weight loss and believing in himself. Watch the video to revisit all the times he reminded us to love yourself.

Ukraine probes arms depot explosion, military blames 'sabotage'

Ukraine probes arms depot explosion, military blames 'sabotage'Ukraine on Thursday was probing a series of explosions that hit a munitions depot in the country's east overnight as the military blamed the incident on an "act of sabotage". "A fire broke out ... as a result of an act of sabotage at a depot in the town of Balakliya where missiles and munitions were kept," Ukraine's Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios said in a statement. Ukraine's security services said they had opened an investigation into a suspected act of "diversion", while military prosecutors said they had launched a criminal case into possible "negligence" by servicemen.

Lawyer for Russian whistle-blower's family injured in fall

Lawyer for Russian whistle-blower's family injured in fallMOSCOW (AP) — A lawyer hired by the family of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian whistleblower who died in jail, has been seriously injured in a fall from his Moscow apartment.

Polish PM draws link between London attack and EU migrant policy

Polish PM draws link between London attack and EU migrant policyPoland's prime minister drew a link on Thursday between an attack in London targeting the British parliament and the European Union's migrant policy, saying the assault vindicated Warsaw's refusal to take in refugees. Five people, including the attacker, were killed and about 40 injured on Wednesday after a car plowed into pedestrians near the British parliament. Poland's right-wing, eurosceptic government has refused to accept any of the 6,200 migrants allocated to it under the European Union's quota scheme that is designed to share the burden of taking in the large numbers of migrants and refugees who have come to Europe over the past two years.

Teacher Accused of Sexual Relations With Student Smiled in Mugshot Because She's Innocent: Lawyer

Teacher Accused of Sexual Relations With Student Smiled in Mugshot Because She's Innocent: LawyerSarah Fowlkes was pictured grinning in her mugshot.

White House says it?s ?insane? to suggest Trump knew campaign chairman worked on pro-Putin project

White House says it’s ‘insane’ to suggest Trump knew campaign chairman worked on pro-Putin projectOn Wednesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer sought to put additional distance between President Trump and his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. Yahoo News asked Spicer about an Associated Press report that Manafort crafted a plan to advance Putin’s interests in 2005 for a billionaire client with ties to the Russian president.

Hackers still threaten a remote wipe of iPhones, despite Apple?s statement

Hackers still threaten a remote wipe of iPhones, despite Apple’s statement

After news had emerged earlier this week that a hacker group called Turkish Crime Family (TCF) is holding millions of Apple ID accounts for ransom, Apple said that its servers and databases were not hacked. Instead, the company said that hackers may be using user databases acquired from massive data breaches that affected other parties, such as LinkedIn.

Since the initial disclosure, the TCF reached out to media to provide additional details about their anti-Apple quest, explaining some of their reasoning behind the attack.

In an email from a TCF domain to BGR that was likely distributed to other members of the media, the hackers say they’re still committed to unleashing the attack come April 7th, unless Apple pays up.

The message, which reads like an ad-hoc press release coming from a hackers startup — the email does come from a “press” email account — explains that the report that said the hackers want $75,000 in ransom is false. The hackers also claim that all the communication with Apple was done via ICQ, and all the chats were kept private.

“[We] requested $100,000 for each of our members which is 7 in total or $1 million worth in iTunes vouchers for instant resale at 60% of the original gift card value + Some private stuff that we have agreed not to publicize as we believe it may ruin Turkish Crime Family and Apple relations,” the hackers say. “The second thing is worth more to us than money.”

The hackers say that Apple will force users to reset their passwords to stop them and avoid “serious server issues and customer complaints.”

The TCF group claims it can reset some 2,550 iPhones per minute per server, which amounts to over 38 million accounts per hour. As for the number of affected accounts, it was bumped “from 519 million to 627 to then 717 million.” A Twitter account for the group mentioned that 200 million iCloud accounts will be factory reset.


Why are they targeting Apple? Well, strangely enough, this appears to be some sort of retaliation for the recent measures the Department of Justice has taken against the four hackers that breached Yahoo in 2014, an attack that may have affected more than 500 million users.

“We're doing this because we can, and mainly to spread awareness for Karim Baratov and Kerem Albayrak which both are being detained for the Yahoo hack and one of them is most probably facing heavy sentencing in America,” the hackers said. “Kerem Albayrak on the other hand is being accused of listing the Yahoo database for sale online.”

The group says this isn’t a political attack, and that the TCF is a new criminal organization with a lot of resources and power. “This is just the start,” they say. They even have a media department.

The attack on Yahoo was actually a military operation conducted by Russia, the FBI’s investigation proved, so it’s strange to see the hackers claim this isn’t political.

Is this threat real? That remains to be seen. I think it's rather unlikely for this massive remote iPhone wipe to happen. Not because Apple confirmed its servers were not hacked but because of this whole messy PR campaign coming from the hackers. But fo yourself a favor and change your Apple ID password especially if you’ve been using it for any of the online services that were hacked in recent years.

Over-excited little girl steals the Pope's hat off his head

Over-excited little girl steals the Pope's hat off his headLittle kids have 10 times the energy most adults have. Put them in contact with a famous person, and anything can happen.  MountainButorac, a Catholic blogger, recently took his goddaughter to see Pope Francis II in Rome. And the lucky little one didn't just get to see him, she got close enough to receive a kiss from the head of the Catholic Church. But she wanted so much more than that. Overwhelmed by energy, she reached out, desperate to discharge it somewhere, and pulled the Pope's hat off his head. SEE ALSO: Little kid aims his pro stink eye at a chip thief The Pope's hat is technically called a zucchetto.  And he actually seemed to enjoy the moment, or at least have enough social skills to feign enthusiasm.  Watch the full interaction and rejoice! The internet has risen!   We're sure Pope Francis forgave her for the transgression.  WATCH: Robotic glove lets people with limited hand mobility perform daily tasks

Photos of the day - March 22, 2017

Photos of the day - March 22, 2017A peek at Boris in Washington; members of a Chinese honor guard salute caskets of Korean War dead; heavy snowfall in Northumberland, England; and people embrace during anniversary service for Brussels suicide attacks victims.

Oregon teen's mom: Feds should probe fatal police shooting

Oregon teen's mom: Feds should probe fatal police shootingPORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The mother of an Oregon teenager who was fatally shot by a Portland police officer is demanding a federal Justice Department investigation into her son's death.

Two years on, Yemen stuck in 'quagmire'

Two years on, Yemen stuck in 'quagmire'Deadly fighting, a rise in jihadism, the threat of famine -- two years after Saudi Arabia intervened against Iran-backed rebels, Yemen is more unstable than ever. The chaos has also seen fighting erupt in vital Red Sea shipping lanes, and Riyadh's ally the United States stepping up its involvement. The war has become "a quagmire", Peter Salisbury, a research fellow at London's Chatham House, said ahead of the March 26 anniversary of the intervention of the Saudi-led coalition.

2018 Toyota Sienna: Updated Looks and Tech to Match the Updated Powertrain

2018 Toyota Sienna: Updated Looks and Tech to Match the Updated PowertrainNew face and new tech for Toyota's preeminent people mover.

Turkey summons Russian envoy after soldier shot from Kurdish-held Syria

Turkey summons Russian envoy after soldier shot from Kurdish-held SyriaTurkey summoned the Russian charge d'affaires to convey its unease after a Turkish soldier was killed by sniper fire from a part of Kurdish-held Syria where Russian forces are active, Turkey's foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday. The Turkish military fired into the northwestern Syrian border region of Afrin on Wednesday, an area controlled by the Kurdish YPG militia, after the soldier was killed by cross-border fire. The YPG said Russian forces headed to the area.

Koshe Disaster: What Causes Garbage Landslides?

Koshe Disaster: What Causes Garbage Landslides?The tragedy isn't the first of its kind, according to a piece on the disaster in the American Geophysical Union's Landslide Blog, but it is the deadliest such incident in years. "Garbage landslides are particularly horrible events," Dave Petley, a blogger and geoscientist at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, wrote in a 2008 post about the phenomena. Petley wrote the 2008 blog post in response to a garbage slide in Guatemala City, in which the deadly conditions were much like those in Addis Ababa: mountains of garbage piled with little regard for stability, picked over by armies of scavengers who make a living by pulling recyclables from the waste.

Maryland high school thrust into immigration debate

Maryland high school thrust into immigration debateBETHESDA, Md. (AP) — A Maryland high school has been thrust into the national immigration debate after a 14-year-old student said she was raped in a bathroom there by two classmates, including one who authorities said came to the U.S. illegally from Central America.

Teen With Autism Denied A Service Dog But Finally Gets One in Emotional Video

Teen With Autism Denied A Service Dog But Finally Gets One in Emotional VideoShe was denied service dog for four years.

Newly restored shrine at Jesus's tomb unveiled

Newly restored shrine at Jesus's tomb unveiledThe newly restored shrine surrounding what is believed to be Jesus's tomb was unveiled at a ceremony in Jerusalem Wednesday following months of delicate work and in time for crowds of Easter visitors. Religious leaders in traditional robes addressed a ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built at the site where Christians believe Jesus was crucified and buried. Dignitaries including Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I, considered the spiritual head of Orthodox church leaders, were in attendance.

Joe Biden met a puppy named Biden and for a moment, the entire world stopped

Joe Biden met a puppy named Biden and for a moment, the entire world stoppedHello, and welcome to your Wednesday afternoon moment of zen. Former vice president and presidential-level heartthrob Joe Biden (don't @ us) met a 4-month-old Golden Retriever named Biden and for a moment, the entire world stopped spinning, and everything was right again. SEE ALSO: There are many great Obama-Biden bromance memes, but only one made the VP laugh for an hour Biden, the world's most adorable dog™️️, made an early trip to the Capitol on Wednesday in hopes of catching a glimpse of the former VP - there to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. A post shared by Lissandra Villa (@lissandravilla) on Mar 22, 2017 at 9:07am PDT As you can imagine based on this face, human Biden noticed the puppy right away. “As soon as he saw the dog during the actual speech, he pointed at the dog, tapped his friend and then started like cracking up," Sydney, Biden’s owner, told BuzzFeed News. "Right towards the end, I, like, kind of signaled him, and he... gave me a wink to come over.”  Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock  “As soon as I told him his name was Biden, he started kissing the dog, which is like exactly what I expected Biden would do,” Sydney said, noting that "As soon as I told him, his face lit up.”  Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock “I named the dog Biden just because he is probably my favorite politician and favorite elected official,” Sydney revealed.  “I really respect Joe Biden even though I don’t necessarily align with him politically.” A post shared by biden (@bidenthegolden) on Mar 22, 2017 at 7:41am PDT A blissful moment for us all. (H/T Buzzfeed News ) WATCH: Trump never has to buy sunglasses again because Obama's photographer will shade him forever

Is Emmett Till painting cultural appropriation?

Is Emmett Till painting cultural appropriation?"The View" co-hosts discuss an artist under fire for the stirring painting.

?Dare to be tender?: One year after attack, Belgian king urges kindness

‘Dare to be tender’: One year after attack, Belgian king urges kindnessBrussels on Wednesday marked the first anniversary of suicide bombings that killed 32 people at the airport and subway, with ceremonies timed with the blasts and the dedication of a new memorial. Recommended: How much do you know about Islam and violence? "Above all, let us dare to be tender," he said, at the unveiling of a new monument to all the victims near the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels’ European Quarter.

Police: White sword killer went to NY to attack black people

Police: White sword killer went to NY to attack black peopleNEW YORK (AP) — A white U.S. Army veteran from Baltimore bent on making a racist attack took a bus to New York, the "media capital of the world," randomly picked out a black man who was collecting bottles on the street and killed him with a sword, police said Wednesday.

Hot air balloons over Turkey's Cappadocia

Hot air balloons over Turkey's CappadociaSince 1988, hot air balloons have filled the skies over the historic Cappadocia region in Nevsehir, Turkey, contributing to the region’s tourism industry. Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its chimney rocks, hot air balloon trips, underground cities and boutique hotels carved into rocks.

Texas A&M, Rick Perry clash on election of gay student body president

Texas A&M, Rick Perry clash on election of gay student body presidentTexas A&M University said on Thursday it respectfully disagreed with comments U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry made a day earlier when he criticized an election at his alma matter that led to the school's first openly gay student body president. In an opinion article submitted to the Houston Chronicle's editorial board published on Wednesday, Perry, a former governor of Texas, said the Texas A&M student election may have been rigged to secure a result that projected diversity at a campus known for being conservative. The comments set off a social media debate in Texas where some questioned why a member of the president's cabinet keeping an eye on the U.S. nuclear arsenal needed to weigh in on a student election.

Mattis says he welcomes approval from Congress for IS fight

Mattis says he welcomes approval from Congress for IS fightWASHINGTON (AP) — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told lawmakers Wednesday that Congress should approve a formal authorization for U.S. military forces to fight the Islamic State militants in Syria, but he wouldn't say whether and when more American troops may be sent to the war-torn nation.

April The Giraffe 'Bit Moody' As Labor Delayed

April The Giraffe 'Bit Moody' As Labor DelayedKeepers believe April's mood change "is a good thing" while the animal's "back end continues to progress to our satisfaction."

Judge orders trial for Argentina ex-president

Judge orders trial for Argentina ex-presidentA judge on Thursday ordered Argentina's former president Cristina Kirchner to stand trial on charges of financial mismanagement. A string of cases targeting Kirchner and her rival, current President Mauricio Macri, are clouding Argentine politics ahead of mid-term elections later this year. Kirchner is accused of ordering the central bank to sell dollar futures at artificially low prices, causing Argentina to lose hundreds of millions.

Huawei's Exclusive Alexa App Can Replace an Echo

Huawei's Exclusive Alexa App Can Replace an EchoEarlier this week, Amazon enabled Alexa integration on the iPhone by building voice recognition straight into the standard Amazon App. This development is a result of a promise Huawei made back at CES 2017 to bring Alexa integration to its flagship phablet, the Huawei Mate 9. The Mate 9 Alexa essentially adds another device that can listen and respond to voice commands just like an Amazon Echo would.

Tillerson alias emails from his ExxonMobil era prove elusive

Tillerson alias emails from his ExxonMobil era prove elusiveEmails sent under a pseudonym by current US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when he was still CEO of ExxonMobil, and which are sought by a court, cannot be produced, lawyers for the oil giant said. According to a letter dated March 21 and sent Wednesday by ExxonMobil to AFP, these emails, sent under the name Wayne Tracker, cannot be recovered for the period from September 5, 2014 to November 28, 2014. The letter is addressed to the Supreme Court of the State of New York as part of an investigation opened in November 2015 by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.


90 Percent of London Police Don't Carry a Gun: Here's Why

More than 90 percent of the British capital's cops carry out their daily duties without a gun.

London Attacker Was Born 'Adrian Russell Ajao,' Was Reportedly Muslim Convert

Police revealed Friday that "two further significant arrests" had been made overnight in connection with the terrorist attack on the U.K. Parliament.

'20 Seconds More, It Would Have Been Us': Teens on School Trip Witnessed Attack

They were among 92 students from a French private school who were on a week-long visit to London.

U.S. Man Killed in London Attack Was Celebrating Anniversary

Utah man Kurt Cochran, who was celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife, Melissa, in London, was among those killed in Wednesday's attack outside the U.K. Parliament, his family and church said.

London Terror: Police Make Two More 'Significant Arrests'

Scotland Yard's top anti-terror officer Mark Rowley said police were trying to work out whether or not killer acted alone

U.S. General Says Russia May Be Supplying Taliban in Afghanistan

Russia may be influencing and supplying the Taliban in Afghanistan, the top U.S. general in Europe said during a Senate hearing on Thursday.

Senate Confirms Trump's Choice for U.S. Ambassador to Israel

David Friedman, who once worked as Trump's bankruptcy lawyer, has been a supporter of Israeli settlements and an opponent of Palestinian statehood.

Israeli Teen Behind Wave of JCC Threats: Police

U.S. officials told NBC News that a motive remains unclear and the suspect is himself Jewish.

More Than 200 Migrants Feared Dead as Boats Capsize in Mediterranean

Spanish aid organization Proactiva Open Arms says each of two rubber boats usually hold 120 people, but smugglers routinely fill them over capacity.

London Vigil Held for Victims of Terror Attack

"Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism," said Mayor Sadiq Khan during the vigil in Trafalgar Square.

London Attack: Slain Cop Was Dad Who 'Actually Cared About the People'

Constable Keith Palmer "left for work [Wednesday] expecting to return home at the end of his shift and had every right to expect that would happen."

JCC Bomb Threat Suspect Appears in Israeli Court

The U.S.-Israeli teenager's defense attorney said her client's "very very serious medical condition" will be a factor in the inves

Driver Armed With Knives Speeds Into Pedestrian Zone: Cops

French President Francois Hollande said the man "was looking to kill or at the very least create a dramatic incident."

How Many Nukes Does North Korea Have and Who Can It Hit With Them?

The threat to the U.S. is not immediate, said one U.S. official, but the threat to South Korea is "grave and current."

Tank Ammunition Depot Blown Up By Saboteurs

Ukraine's military blamed saboteurs for huge explosions at a warehouse storing tank ammunition.

Killing of Putin Critic an 'Act of State Terrorism,' Ukrainian President Says

Denis Voronenkov was shot and killed in Kiev Thursday in what the Ukrainian president described as an "act of state terrorism" by Russia.

Hospital Attack Puts ISIS in Spotlight but Taliban Is Main Threat

"While disturbing, the [hospital attack] should not be mistaken for the rise in ISIS," said Theo Farrell, a professor at the University of London.

London Terror Attacker Was British-Born, Known to Police: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs 'an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy.'

London Mayor: We Will Not Be Cowed by Terrorists

Sadiq Khan said it was 'business as usual' and that Londoners remained defiant after the Westminster terror attack.

Scotland Yard: London Attacker 'Inspired by International Terrorism'

Metropolitan Police's Mark Rowley gave more details about investigations into the man who attacked the UK Parliament.

Watch: Immediate Aftermath of London Parliament Attack

Rescue workers rushed wounded civilians to hospital following an attack outside the UK Parliament.

3 Killed in Car-and-Knife 'Terrorist Incident' Near U.K. Parliament

A truck hit pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing into a railing, and a police officer was fatally stabbed near the House of Commons.

South Korean Ferry That Sank 3 Years Ago Lifted From Sea

Most of the more than 300 people who lost their lives when the Sewol sank on April 16, 2014 were students on a high school trip.

Deadly London Attack Is Latest in Growing Low-Tech Threat

Security experts have warned that such terror attacks are a growing threat in Europe and the U.S. and by their nature very difficult to prevent.

'Shock and Horror' Descend After Parliament Attack

Police in bright fluorescent jackets shepherded tourists, journalists and lawmakers away from Parliament after Wednesday's brazen attack.


London Police Make ‘Significant’ Arrests in Attack Inquiry

Officials said that Khalid Masood, who carried out the assault outside Parliament, was born Adrian Russell Ajao in Kent, in southeastern England.

Social Media Sleuths Fail Again: The London Attacker Who Wasn’t

On the dark side of digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia, individuals’ misconceptions and outright falsehoods can overrun basic facts.

Syrians in Turkey: The Human Smuggler and the Young Refugee

Since 2015, migration between Turkey and Greece has fallen sharply, and a smuggler says he has left the business. Homeless in Turkey, a Syrian refugee boy must continue to roam for work.

Anatoly S. Chernyaev, Key Aide and Gorbachev’s ‘Alter Ego,’ Dies at 95

Mr. Chernyaev, who advised Mikhail S. Gorbachev on foreign and domestic affairs, played a central role in Mr. Gorbachev’s attempt to liberalize and modernize the Soviet Union.

Remembering the London Attack Victims

Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran — an American — and a 75-year-old man, later identified as Leslie Rhodes, died in the terrorist attack in London.

Fátima Siblings Near Sainthood as Pope Francis Approves Miracle

The pope officially recognized a miracle linked to a young brother and sister who said, 100 years ago, that the Virgin Mary had appeared to them in Portugal.

London Attack Echoes, Faintly, in a Europe Anxious but Inured

With France, Germany and possibly Italy going to the polls, analysts have long wondered whether an act of terrorism could jolt electoral dynamics.

Trilobites: How Comet 67P’s Face Changed During Its Trip Around the Sun

During the two years that the Rosetta spacecraft stalked the comet, it observed cliffs that collapsed, boulders that moved and eruptions of dust and gas.

A Russian Critic of Putin Is Assassinated in Ukraine

Denis N. Voronenkov, a former Russian lawmaker who fled to Kiev last year, said in a recent interview that he knew he was an assassination target.

London Assailant Named After ISIS Claims Attack

The police say a 52-year-old British man, Khalid Masood, was the attacker who left four people dead and dozens injured near British Parliament on Wednesday. Mr. Masood was killed by police at the scene.

‘Defiant’ in the Face of Terrorism: Londoners After the Attack

Residents of the city expressed a resolute stoicism, as the regular rhythm of life persisted.

Man in Antwerp, Belgium, Tries to Drive Into Crowd

With tensions already high in Europe after a similar attack in London, a French national tried to drive over pedestrians on a crowded street.

After Attack, May Says ‘Resolve Will Never Waver’

Prime Minister Theresa May told lawmakers that the man behind an attack in London was born in Britain and had been investigated in the past.


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